Under For was Martin Hall’s continuation of his Ballet Mécanique project after this group split up in 1982. Hall and drummer Michael Karshøj then joined forces with avant-garde guitarist Per Hendrichsen who Hall had been working in Pesteg Dred.

Under For only released one studio album, Apparently All the Same (1984), yet this title remains one of Hall’s most significant releases during the eighties. The group’s legendary concert at the classical festival ISCM World Music Days in October 1983 is included on the 2009 special edition of the album.

Apparently All the Same was one of the few Scandinavian releases from the period that was praised by British music magazines such as New Musical Express and Sounds. In October 1984 Under For also released the 12” single Free-Force Structure, a single that received a favourable review in NME as well. Furthermore Under For appeared in Claus Bohm’s film Totem from the same year.

A reproduction of the Danish indie magazine SAM NYT’s Under For feature 1984 is available here.

Left: Under For press photo 1984. Right: Under For live poster 1983 (design: Martin Hall).

Under For Pressefoto 19841983 Under For

Left: Lena Walsh (sound engineer and album vocalist) and Per Hendrichsen 1983. Right: Michael Karshøj and Martin Hall 1984.

Lena Walsh:Per Hendrichsen 1984Michael Karshøj:Martin Hall 1984

Left: Under For album 1984 (design: Martin Hall). Right: Under For 12″ single Free-Force Structure 1984 (design: Martin Hall).

Apparently All The Same (Original LP Cover 1984)Free-Force Structure 2013

Left: Martin Hall in between recordings 1983–1984. Right: Martin Hall 1983 and Michael Karshøj 1984.

London Room 1984Hall Karshøj Split 1983-1984

Still taken from the Claus Bohm film Totem. Live sequence filmed in Saltlageret 1984 (Per Hendrichsen and Martin Hall).

Under For 1984