Released: May 2014
Publisher: Tidsskriftet Reception
ISSN number: 1903-7088
Design: Rakel Dehn Stammer


The academic journal Reception is a magazine for Nordic literature. In relation to the 150th anniversary of the second Schleswig War and the 100th anniversary the outbreak of World War 1, #72 of the magazine is a special issue about war – the imprint of war in both Danish and Nordic literature.

Reception #72 was released in May 2014. In this relation Martin Hall was invited to write an essay that, directly or indirectly, should reflect on the Cold War’s influence on Denmark.

Hall’s contribution to the magazine is the text ”Comparisons of Monopolies on Violence”, an article that begins by recounting an experience he had during his childhood years in Spain where he lived as child with his family from 1971 to 1972 – a period in which the fascist-oriented General Franco still ruled the country. Via this starting point the essay develops into a tale about growing up in the seventies and eighties, shedding light on the author’s fragile understanding of what’s going on around him at the time – i.e. sexual liberation, foreign wars, political coups and terror.

Other contributors to Reception #72 include Hans Hertel, Christel Wiinblad and Theis Ørntoft.