Format: DB-CD
Released: September 1999
Label: Audio Research Editions
Catalogue: ARECD102

Artist: Misc.
Lyrics: Misc.
Music: Misc.
Producer: Misc.
Design: Colin Fallows

1. Buffer (Martin Hall) 2:00


Martin Hall, Yoko Ono, Lee Mark Ranaldo and Will Sergeant among many.

All recordings were made during 1999.


Trace is a limited edition collection double-cd consisting of pieces made by international sound artists and experimental composers. Each artist has produced an original recording of two minutes’ duration for the project, based on the theme “trace”. The artists on the release range from well-known figures in the musical world to individuals and groups making their debut on this occasion.

Martin Hall contributes with the work “Buffer”. Other names on the double-cd feature names such as Yoko Ono, Lee Mark Ranaldo from Sonic Youth and Will Sergeant from Echo & The Bunnymen. Trace was produced to coincide with the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art 1999 running from September 21 to November 7 this year.

You can find a list featuring all participants on the release here.

Founded by Colin Fallows in 1998, Audio Research Editions is a limited edition imprint for artists’ soundworks. The label has published over 150 works by artists from over 20 countries. Publications include Hope which coincided with the ninth International Symposium on Electronic Art in 1998, a double-cd to which Martin Hall also contributes.