Released: November 2014
Publisher: Gyldendal
ISSN number: 9788702165838
Photo: Robin Skjoldborg
Design: Kenneth Schultz


The book Mænd – “Men” – consists of a selection of Danish top photographer Robin Skjoldborg’s male portraits taken in the period 1984–2014. Among the recurrent faces portrayed in the 256-pages thick volume you’ll find artists such as Martin Hall and Jesper Binzer, singer in one of the most successful Danish rock bands ever, D.A.D.

The theme of the photo- and debate book is male identity – i.e. sexuality, gender and values. Towards this end the journalist Roberto Zacharias has interviewed a line of the portrayed artists, names such as Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth, actor Lars Mikkelsen (featured on the front cover of the book), the rock groups Kashmir and Nephew and ultimately Martin Hall. It probably comes as no surprise that the latter is the far most outspoken in this selection of masculine profiles.