Format: 7″
Released: May 1980
Label: Better Day Records
Catalogue: BET 3

Artist: Ballet Mécanique
Music and lyrics: Martin Hall
Producer: Martin Hall, Jan Degner
Design: Martin Hall


1. Avenues of Oblivion 3:45
2. The Screen 3:17

Avenues of Oblivion

Electric music is ripping the air
Streets lit up by electricity
Coins of death call through the haze
Disparating conditions of minds

The avenues of oblivion touch your mind
Its sick fingers seek your energy
Shades of submission printed in the air
The corps of the silent army slowly move

Arms of death crawl the highs
Dancers of destruction scream
The preludes of tomorrow
Another rebellious transmission

The avenues of oblivion
The dancers of destruction

The Screen

Outside, escapism in neon
The cancer city pulsates
Transmissions flimmer in the dark
Eyes of terror in bodies of carelessness

The echo of electricity shines in the room
Dullness slowly invades with triumph
Bloodshot eyes trying to forget
Mindless people hiding from reality

The screen, happy neon nights
Terrified people seek support
Empty smiles promising happiness
The subculture’s subjection


Martin Hall: vocals, piano, guitar
Michael Karshøj: drums
Morten Versner: bass, violin

Recorded and mixed at Werner Studio, spring 1980.


After making their live debut at the historical Concert of the Moment in November 1979, Identity – changing their name to Ballet Mécanique in January 1980 – was signed by the independent record company Better Day Records. Shortly after signing the contract the label was sold to Danish CBS (now Sony Music) where the group’s debut album, The Icecold Waters of the Egocentric Calculation, therefore was released in September 1981.

The “Avenues of Oblivion” single shows the early stage of a band in development, caught somewhere in between their punk inspiration and avant-garde rock ambitions. Martin Hall was 16 years old when the band recorded the single.

Today the single is a highly treasured collector’s item. For example, due to its high value the Danish National Radio keeps their version of the vinyl release in a special strongbox for particularly rare records.