Released: November 2014
Publisher: Lydenskab
Design: Kenneth Schultz
Front photo: Maiken Kildegaard
Video stills: Staal Film



Genre: Catalogue
Format: Folder
Opening: ”Trying to uncover clues and hints you go backwards; you begin with the misunderstandings – the nodes.”


Prototype katalog midtersektion 1
Prototype katalog midtersektion 2


November 5, 2014 – rehearsal (left to right): Thea Vesti, Michael Dinesen, Eskild Winding and Sofia Olsson.

Prototype rehearsal 5:11:14


Live at Gran Teater (Aarhus), November 16:

2014 Prototype (Gran Teater16.11.14)

In November 2014 Martin Hall wrote and directed performance play Prototype/Protokol, an inter-aesthetic meeting between Martin Hall, the avant-garde ensemble Lydenskab and Staal Film. In this relation a catalogue containing stills and texts from the show was made available to the guests.

Prototype/Protocol is a story based on the broken chain of connection between three generations – a fragmented, highly personal memory protocol made up of letters, recordings and fictitious memories. Via videos, recited pieces of text and an ever-changing musical setting a collage-like story is told – a story about consequences; how the loss of hope in one generation may affect the next. The lyrical content of the show is both abstract and easily recognizable, an emotional biopsy of personal decline.

During November 2014 the play was performed at KØS (Museum for Art in Public Spaces) in Køge (14/11), Gran Teater in Aarhus (16/11), Københavns Musikteater (21/11) and The Royal Danish Embassy in Berlin (25/11).

You can see photos from the performances here: Prototype/Protokol (2014).



Martin Hall: Voice
Maiken Kildegaard: Performer
Eskild Winding: Piano (Lydenskab)
Thea Vesti: Guitar (Lydenskab)
Sofia Olsson: Cello (Lydenskab)
Michael Dinesen/Staal Film: Video

The words and lyrics for Prototype/Protocol are written by Martin Hall – the music is a collaboration between Lydenskab and Hall.

2014 Prototype Berlin 300dpi