The reception and coverage of Martin Hall’s new book 1971-1985 has been very positive. A short resumé go like this:

Politiken: “Martin Hall writes unadorned, beautifully, often wise and most of the time relievingly funny about his youth and early days.” ( * * * * )
Berlingske: “Hall is brilliant in his depiction of a rampant Copenhagen in the seventies … the book is a sharp and observant snapshot of a city that no longer exists.” ( * * * * )
Bogbobler: “Beautifully written, deeply personal, wildly entertaining and, not least, convincingly reflective.”
Weekendavisen: “Martin Hall has style, and with this book he manages to come close to the substance and the pain in the depiction of his early career’s harsh downside with suicides, drugs and chronic restlessness.”
Jyllands-Posten: “The multifacetted artist Martin Hall tells a charming tale of his early, wild years.”
Fyens Stiftstidende: “Insightful and amusing.”
Radio24Syv: ”Needle-pointed wit … the book kindles you and you’re moved as you enter its many rooms.”

On October 10 Martin Hall meets the renowned Danish author Kirsten Thorup in Tranquebar, a combined café and bookstore in central Copenhagen. On November 11 he’ll be appearing at Bogforum at Bella Center Copenhagen, the big yearly book fair in Denmark.

For a more complete list of features and interviews made in relation to the book release, please see this update.