Format: CD
Released: February 2012
Label: Replika
Catalogue: REP 02

Artist: Martin Hall, Tone
Written and produced by Martin Hall, Tone
Design: Kenneth Schultz
Photo: Territorium


1. Introduction 8:46
2. Devastating Irony 3:51
3. Pierrot Declining 1:58
4. Version 8 8:40
5. Metabolism at Work 5:31
6. Eroded Foil 5:14
7. GFY 1:35
8. Serienummer 3:53
9. Explosure 4:02
10. Yeux d’Océan 6:32



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Martin Hall: vocals, electronics
Sofie Nielsen: vocals, electronics

Recorded at Apart Audio-Visual Festival, Platform 4, September 2009.


Performing Apart is a high quality event recording Martin Hall and the Danish electronica act Tone. The two otherwise unrelated artists collaborated at a concert performance during the Apart Audio-Visual Festival at Platform 4 (Aalborg, Denmark) in September 2009, an arrangement at which names like Goodiepal, Jacob Kierkegaard and White Pony also performed.



Performing Apart features equal amounts of online adaptation of original source material and live performance. The sound quality on the album is extraordinary good and the material features fragments from both artists’ former productions as well as a couple of new tracks. During the performance at the Apart Audio-Visual Festival Kristian Ravn-Ellestad contributed with the visual part of the concert.

Please note that track 8 (”Serienummer”) features a recitation of a Martin Hall writing made by German litterateur Herbert Zeichner. Zeichner died on December 12, 2011, at the age of 70.