Format: MC
Released: October 1980
Label: Own release
Catalogue: MH2

Artist: Martin Hall
Written, produced and designed by Martin Hall


1. Soil (1) 1:20
2. Bravo, Petit Charles 2:05
3. These Surgical Emotions 2:36
4. Voiciate (Opus 1) 0:52
5. Motherless Priest 2:21
6. Bricks and Blood 0:57
7. The Shoulder of Their Laughing 2:50
8. Crucifixion of an Unbeliever 1:31
9. Den Ødeste (Original Version) 5:48
10. The First Sign of Ice 1:31
11. In Verse 2:05
12. Voiciate (Opus 2) 1:23
13. Det Lille à 1:41
14. Soil (2) 1:31



Martin Hall: vocals, instruments

Recorded at The Apartment, September 1980.


Den Triumferende Amor (“The Triumphant Cupid”) is – like Martin Hall’s first tape release 1st – 18th – recorded at home on a two-track Grundig reel-to-reel tape recorder. Drums were recorded at the rehearsal facilities of the Danish punk group Sods in Copenhagen.

To gain access to further layers of sound than the limitation of the two orginal tracks, the initial recordings were copied onto a standard cassette deck and then recorded back as a new mono track on the Grundig tape recorder – while recording at the same time. In this way yet another instrument could be added while also making one more channel available to the musician.

The tape was released in 40 copies that could be purchased in two shops at Copenhagen, Gry and Haase.