Format: MC
Released: May 1981
Label: Own release
Catalogue: MH3

Artist: Martin Hall
Written, produced and designed by Martin Hall


1. Uden Titel (1) 5:25
2. Uden Titel (2) 1:37
3. Uden Titel (3) 2:53
4. Uden Titel (4) 3:16
5. Uden Titel (5) 3:51
6. Uden Titel (6) 1:17
7. Uden Titel (7) 0:40



Martin Hall: vocals, instruments

Recorded at The Apartment, spring 1981.


Uden Titel (“Untitled”) is – like Martin Hall’s first two tape releases – recorded at home on a two-track Grundig reel-to-reel tape recorder. Drums were recorded at the rehearsal facilities of the Danish punk group Sods/Sort Sol during a Ballet Mécanique rehearsal. As a new feature, compared to the predecessors, the tape features a rhythm box.

The tape was released in 40 copies that could be purchased in two shops at Copenhagen, Gry and Haase.

Hall (Bagtropper) 1981