Format: MC
Released: October 1981
Label: Trax
Catalogue: TRAX 1081

Artist: Misc.
Lyrics: Misc.
Music: Misc.
Producer: Misc.
Design: Vittore Baroni


1. OIO – Telematic – 001
2. Era Già Giovedi
3. You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling
4. Duro
5. I Like Your Elbows
6. Untitled Montage



Cancer, Spirocheta Pergoli, M.A.P., Naif Orchestra, Colin Potter, Vittore Baroni, 2233232, Amok (4), B-Sides, La Nuova Altea, Martin Hall, M.B., Mecanique Vegetale, Metallic Avau, Nocturnal Emissions, Philip Johnson and Sylvia James.

Recorded in Europe during 1981.


Vietato Ai Minori is a 52-minute long audio cassette release including a 28-page booklet with pornographic content. At the time of the intended release in England the product was confiscated by U.K. customs. Martin Hall contributed to track 6, “Untitled Montage”, that occupies the entire second side of the tape.

The Trax label (1981–1987) was founded by Piermario Ciani, Vittore Baroni and Massimo Giacon from Spirocheta Pergoli. It was an open, networking project that connected over 500 artists and musicians from different countries, producing records, audio magazines, xerographies, comics, T-shirts and exhibitions.