Format: 12”
Released: March 1983
Label: Karma
Catalogue: KARMA 45-1 (KMX 66)

Artist: Martin Hall
Written, produced and designed by Martin Hall


1. Part 1 (Some Further Decline) 7:51
2. Part 2 (Easier Done than Said) 4:47
3. Part 3 (Ond, Onde, Ondes) 12:16


Part 1 (Some Further Decline)

Caught in the means
In this closed circle
And we share and we share
What had been left behind

Only a circle I couldn’t break into
So raw, so fine
Some further decline

(Part 2) Easier Done than Said

Now I know it
Now please tell them
It lies between their fingers
This is easier done than said
Can you see what I meant?
Some meant amen

Near in absence
Far from distance
Still we hope for some resistance
R&R and S&S
Which is the balance of intellect?

To mistreat all that’s gone
That’s not one entity
Why not lie
You’re too blind
I will stand here in line
That again
I spell chain with SS
Did you bring all that’s sore?
You and I feel like that
So precious once again

Chosen ones fought the beast
Chosen ones got the feast
The classic song I hear
Why you are proud of scars
Makes you lose
Makes you win
Time to think
And begin a new life deep within

Gonna get the cool out


Ritual Label 1.jpg

Ritual Label 2

1983 Ritual Backcover


Martin Hall: vocals, piano, bass, guitar, drums, tapes, percussion, trumpet, violin, keyboards

Recorded and mixed at Karma Studios, winter 1982–1983.


Ritual was Martin Hall’s first solo record, a 12” mini-album consisting of three pieces of very different music: Part 1 was a recording entirely based on percussion and industrial loops, part 2 a chilled piece of funky disco and part 3 a suite for violins. The record was released on the independent label Karma Records as a reaction to Hall’s former contract on – and split with – multinational CBS (Sony Music).

Ritual was released concurrently with Martin Hall’s first book, The Reconstruction Is Greatere. The record also contained a 4-page booklet with collage art and writings.