Format: 12”
Released: September 1989
Label: Virgin Records
Catalogue: MHMX1 (612 547)

Artist: Martin Hall
Written and produced by Martin Hall
Photo: Robin Skjoldborg


1. Crush (1989 Edit) 3:43
2. Point within Circle 4:00
3. Counterpoint 1:24
4. Dome 1:30
5. 8 6:26
6. Erosion 4:33



As you fill me again
I have no further questions
Condemned to be free
As I reach out for you again

Nothing is new
But something has grown
Bigger than both of us
Stronger than memory
And much stronger than defeat

I’m gonna crush the worlds we used to know
A seed is sown
I’m gonna let it grow
I’m quite aware what I’ll be going through
There’s no way back
It all depends on you

My destiny
I’ve seen it in your eyes
A love so deep
A stream that purifies
And in your arms
The nature of all death
Is nothing but a touch of timelessness

I’m gonna crush you with my love
I’m gonna be crushed up in love


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Flemming Nygaard: cello
Martin Hall: vocals, instruments

‘Crush’ is recorded and mixed at Custom Sound, autumn 1985. ‘The Point of No Return’ tracks are recorded and mixed at Mind and Media, autumn 1988.


Counterpoint (The Point of No Return Soundtrack) release was a 12″-ep featuring a radio edit of “Crush” from Martin Hall’s 1986 album Cutting Through. The 12″ was issued to promote the compilation-cd The Martin Hall Document as well as the re-release of Cutting Through on Virgin Records in September 1989.

The Counterpoint-ep also contains the complete soundtrack to a television film called “The Point of No Return” – five pieces of newly recorded instrumental music written by Hall. The videos covering these tracks are included on the VHS-videocassette Audio-Visual released in 1990.

All titles featured on the Counterpoint recordings are available on the Catalogue box release from 2007.