Format: 7”
Released: September 1990
Label: Mind and Media
Catalogue: Palladium 1–2

Artist: Martin Hall
Written and produced by Martin Hall
Design: John L. Christensen
Photo: Family photo


1. Palladium (1) 2:36
2. Emotional Engineering (feat. Aud Wilken) 2:13
3. End of the Line 3:50
4. Composition 0:57
5. Imitation (feat. Aud Wilken) 3:54
6. Palladium (2) (feat. Irma Victoria) 3:26


Palladium (1)

Never thought I’d ever be myself
Thought I was within my prison-cell
‘Cause the window gave the view
That all to know was what I knew

Sharing weaknesses with so-called friends
In a game that’s called “it never ends”
Had to leave it all behind

In this Palladium

And I know you know it all
Behind mirrors, behind walls
In your Palladium

Emotional Engineering

Hysteria moves inside me
Hysteria moves around

I need emotional engineering
I need emotional tuning inside

The luxury of pleasure’s inside me
The luxury of pleasure’s around

End of the Line

The theatre of mind
The theatre of reason
Is haunted all the time
By the angels of anger

You can “do what thou wilt” in a self-love devotion
Feel intense in the pool of perverted emotion

At the edge of the knife
At the edge of the knife that divides
At the end of the line
The only measure is reason




And in the night
The rain is falling down
As white on white
A flame is burning
As dust to dust
The faces disappear
A heaven lost
A shadow falling

In this Palladium

The crowds outside
They hunger for a dream
This time of night
Desires rising
A shadow cast
It falls in black and white
What can I do but to surrender?


Aud Wilken: vocals
Irma Victoria: vocals
Martin Hall: vocals, keyboards, guitar

Recorded and mixed at Mind and Media, summer 1990. Edited at Mainstream.


Palladium is a set of recordings made shortly after the release of the Martin Hall album Imperfect. Both titles resemble the modus operandi of The Hall of Mirrors music cassette from 1989, i.e. the various guest vocalists and theatrical manners on the recordings.

The 7” extended play-single was printed in a limited edition of 500 copies and the cover features a rare photo of a six year old Hall in something similar to a preparatory school uniform.

1989 Hall Of Mirrors Tape