Format: LP/CD
Released: November 1990
Label: Mind and Media
Catalogue: MMCD1000

Artist: Irma Victoria
Written and produced by Martin Hall
Design: John L. Christensen
Photo: Family photo


1. Life Is But a Dream 3:03
2. The Avoi-Dance 4:01
3. Rock Bottom 2:01
4. Animal Culture 0:14
5. The Abyss, the Void and the Beyond 3:04
6. Pomp and Pathos 2:27
7. European Need 2:59
8. A Prayer for the World 4:24
9. The Veil 2:55
10. 2nd Drama Experience 0:44
11. The Vision 3:00
12. Honky-Tonk Feeling 3:14
13. Cabaret of Silence 3:37
14. Fight It (Part 1) 1:59
15. Fight It (Part 2) 2:21
16. The Monument 1:22
17. Let Go 4:47
18. Angels and Devils 1:37
19. The Vortex 1:07
20. Shine the Light on Me 3:33



Aud Wilken: backing vocals
Irma Victoria: vocals
Martin Hall: backing vocals, instruments
Ole A. Laursen: backing vocals
Peter Westh: backing vocals

Recorded and mixed at Mind and Media, summer 1990. Edited at Mainstream.


The Rainbow Theatre is the Danish “diva” Irma Victoria’s debut album. The singer was 67 years old at the time of the release. Having sung cabaret songs during her younger years, a career in the Danish military ended this outlet. However, her love of singing made her reappear as a singer many decades later on the Martin Hall production The Hall of Mirrors, a music cassette released in September 1989 – Irma Victoria’s contribution, the “Memorial” song, was an unforgettable experience for most listeners. Encouraged by this success Irma Victoria took part in the recording of the 7″ ep-single Palladium in 1990, a process that led to the release of her debut album, The Rainbow Theatre, only a couple of months later.

In the beginning of 1991 Irma Victoria astounded the Danish press and music industry by being nominated to a Grammy in the category “Best Female Singer” of the year – thereby duelling with high-ranking music business stars such as multi-platinum artist Hanne Boel and Annisette from the legendary Danish rock group Savage Rose. Although Irma Victoria (obviously) did not win the trophy, she did manage to shock the system and gain a solid underground gathering by token of her fantastic vocal audacity.

When Irma Victoria died in 2000, 77 years old, several international artists expressed their grief with her passing. Among names such as Jean Pierre Turmel from the French avant-garde label French Sordide Sentimental and Martyn Jacques from the renowned English cabaret band The Tiger Lillies, the most fierce appraisal of her talent probably came from Douglas P., singer and front figure in Death in June, as he wrote the following in the cover notes for the posthumously released compilation album Memorial – Finest Moments and Famous Last Words: “Her work was fantastic. May her soul live forever.”

Irma with Juan and Agnes 60's