Format: CD
Released: August 1999
Label: RUO Records
Catalogue: RRC16

Artist: Misc.
Lyrics: Misc.
Music: Misc., Martin Hall
Producer: Martin Hall, Misc., Thomas Winther
Design: Bedford Lumhold

1. The Coronation (Martin Hall) 8:13


Københavns Drengekor: choir
RadioUnderholdningsOrkestret: orchestra

All recordings were made during 1999.


Gilles’ Requiem was a stage play performed by Operanord in Citroën’s old factory halls in Copenhagen throughout August and September 1999. The leading part was played by Lars Bom and the stage performance included a boys’ choir consisting of 80 members.

The story is based on the French Gilles de Rais a.k.a. Gilles de Montmorency-Laval (1404–1440). Baron de Rais was a Breton knight, a leader in the French army and a companion-in-arms of Joan of Arc. He is best known as a prolific serial killer of children.

The Gilles’ Requiem soundtrack features compositions by Jovanka Trbojevic, Juliana Hodkinson, Daniel Nelson, Fläskkvartetten and Martin Hall.