Format: CD
Released: November 2001
Label: Poul Kristensen Grafisk Virksomhed A/S
Catalogue/ISBN: 87 7468-419-1

Artist: Martin Hall
Written and produced by Martin Hall
Design: Ingvar Cronhammar
Photo: Eigil Thomsen

1. Elia 23:10


Martin Hall: piano
The Vista Dome Ensemble: orchestra

Recorded at Regent House, summer 2001.


In the summer of 2001 Martin Hall was given the honour to write the music for the inauguration ceremony of the Danish-Swedish visual artist Ingvar Cronhammer’s grand-scale monument Elia in Herning (a Danish city), a work of art that was opened to the public on September 27 the same year.

A recording of Martin Hall’s music was included as a cd a in the book about the project (released by Poul Kristensen Grafisk Virksomhed A/S). The book itself is available in both Danish and English.

Martin Hall’s composition Elia is a 23 minute long orchestral work with a main theme played by a piano. The recording process was carried out by reducing all recording equipment to two old Philips tape recorders to give the piece of music its particular dusty sound.

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