Format: CD
Released: September 2008
Label: Geiger Records
Catalogue: Geiger03cd

Artist: Martin Hall, Nicolaj Stochholm
Lyrics: Nicolaj Stochholm
Music: Martin Hall
Producer: Søren E. Jensen
Design: Jakob Schweppenhäuser


1. Færden (1) 14:13
2. Færden (2) 9:26
3. Færden (3) 10:24
4. Færden (4) 7:24
5. Færden (5) 2:01


Martin Hall: instruments
Nicolaj Stochholm: voice

The music on ‘Færden’ is a montage of various Martin Hall compositions recorded in a number of different studios and in different periods of time.


On December 8, 2008, Geiger Records released the critically acclaimed Danish poet Nicolaj Stochholm and Martin Hall’s musical setting of the former’s poetry suite Færden (“Movement”) in a limited edition of 300 copies. The album was designed by visual artist and musician Jakob Schweppenhäuser.

The text is part of Stochholm’s collection of poems Aldrig Mere (“Never Again”) released in the spring of 2008. The suite consists of 25 pieces of poetry in which personal longing meets ancient Greek mythology.

Originally Færden was broadcasted by the Danish National Radio in April 2006. The programme was produced by Søren E. Jensen who has made several radio features on new Danish literature and related music. Since the original transmission the project was re-worked and optimized in relation to its cd-release.