Format: DVD MP3
Released: September 2010
Publisher: Lindhardt og Ringhof
Catalogue: 9-788711-428030

Author: Martin Hall
Music: Martin Hall, Christian Skeel
Producer: Martin Hall
Design: Kenneth Schultz
Photo: Territorium


Genre: Audiobook in Danish
Duration: 319 minutes
Reviews: “In many ways the most important writing in the body of his literary works.” (Berlingske Tidende, the Danish equivalent to The Times)



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Concurrently with the release of Martin Hall’s first piece of fiction since his literary breakthrough with The Last Romantic in 2005, his new novel Kinoplex was also made available as an audiobook. This version of the book features a line of new, original music written and produced by Hall in collaboration with Danish artist Christian Skeel. Minor parts of the production also feature musician Johnny Stage.

The audiobook consists of 65 chapters divided into 81 tracks with a total duration of 5,3 hours (319 minutes). It’s read up by the Danish journalist Jan Poulsen.

For further information about the novel, please see this notice: