Released: May 1984
Publisher: Forlaget Gud & Grammatik
ISBN number: 87-981633-0-2
Design: K Grafik


God & Grammar was an exhibition at Charlottenborg in May 1984. Towards this end a catalogue featuring the works of a number of the involved artists was released.

Among the contributors you’ll find artists such as Michael Kvium, Christian Lemmerz, Nina Steen-Knudsen, Christian Skeel, Peter Bonde, Henrik S. Holck, Lars Dan, Jette Debois, Eva Öhrling, Poul Jupont, Knud Odde, Morten Skriver, Lillian Polack, Lars Mathisen, Milena Bonifacini, Elmer and Martin Hall.

The following text collage is Hall’s contribution to the catalogue.