Released: September 1989
Publisher: Borgens Forlag
ISBN number: 87-418-8863-4
Design: Martin Hall
Photo: Martin Hall



Genre: Prose poetry in Danish
Size: 38 pages
Reviews: ”Beautiful and frightening poems from Martin Hall … very, very authentic.” (Politiken, the Danish equivalent to The Guardian)


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Continuum is Martin Hall’s third book, a set of writings released five years after its predecessor, The Identity of Alienation.

The book consists of short notes, a line of reflections written in a continuum of 24 days during a journey through Europe. The release, however, should not be mistaken for a travelogue – Continuum is a poetic examination of how the journey affects the traveler, not a picturesque description of sights and places.

Although the tone in the writings is considerably more calm than in Hall’s earlier releases, the imagery throughout the book remains shadowy and ambiguous.