Released: March 1991
Publisher: Hans Reitzels Forlag
ISBN number: 87-412-3201-1
Design: Helle Johnsen
Painting: Nina Sten-Knudsen


Museum at Noon is an anthology in which poets from the 80’s write their “untimely memoirs” as it’s described in the foreword. The editors of the release were Johan Rosdahl and Peter Thielst.

Martin Hall’s contribution is the writing “Vidne” (“Witness”).

The other contributors to the book are F.P. Jac, Nina Malinovski, Maj-Britt Willumsen, Pia Tafdrup, Klavs Bondebjerg, Connie Bork, Jens Asbjørn Seehuusen, Morti Vizki, Thomas Boberg, Jens-Martin Eriksen, Pia Juul, Lars Bukdahl and Karen Marie Edelfeldt.