Released: September 2010
Publisher: Gyldendal
ISBN number: 9788702082883
Design: Sven Reiner Johansen


In September 2010 the first comprehensive book about Danish punk was released, Something Rotten! written by music journalist Jan Poulsen. It carries the subtitle “Punk in Denmark: Painting, Music, Literature 1977-85” and Martin Hall is one of the principal contributors.

The book is an “oral history” document so the author lets the participants tell the story themselves. Through thorough research and almost a hundred interviews with the leading figures on the Danish punk scene Jan Poulsen presents a mosaic tale rendering multifaceted insights into the milieu at the time.

The book has a volume of 412 pages and contains an abundance of illustrations.

Among the other contributors you can find names such as Claus Carstensen (professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts), Peter Peter (Danish punk act Sods/Sort Sol), Søren Ulrik Thomsen (poet), Fritz Fatal (singer in Before), Nina Sten-Knudsen (painter), Odd Bjertnæs (musician) and Lars H.U.G. (singer and front figure in Danish art-rock group Kliché).

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