MARTIN HALL 1980–2014

Left: Hall at Café Dan Turèll 1980 (Karina Schneidermann). Right: Ballet Mécanique at Roskilde Festival 1981 (Søren Svendsen).

Left: MM interview and cover feature January 1984 (Robin Skjoldborg). Right: Portrait 1983 (Ken Rivad).

Left: Self-portrait on a London hotel (1984). Right: At the opening of ‘God & Grammar’, Charlottenborg 1984 (Robin Skjoldborg).

Left: Recording session 1985 (Robin Skjoldborg). Right: ‘Relief’ cover portrait 1985 (Ken Rivad).

Left: ‘Treatment’ cover portrait 1985 (Robin Skjoldborg). Right: Saga 1986 (Kennet Islandi Havgaard).

Saga 1986 (Kennet Islandi Havgaard)

Left: ‘The Hall of Mirrors’ 1989 (Ken Rivad). Right: Hall before his concert at the Radio Hall in 1995 (Robin Skjoldborg).

Left: ‘Random Hold’ photo session 1996 (Robin Skjoldborg). Right: ‘Extended Play’ session 1996 (Robin Skjoldborg).

Left: ‘Kommunikaze’ cover portrait (Casper Sejersen). Right: ‘Metropolitan Suite’ poster 2001 (Casper Sejersen).

Left: Euroman feature 2005 (Robin Skjoldborg). Right: Politiken 2008 (Sara Galbiati).

Left: Børsen 2009 (Bjarne Stæhr). DRK feature 2011 on Martin Hall and Nini Theilade (DR/Michael Tonsberg).

Left: Outside the Podlasie Opera in Poland 2012 (Johnny Stage). Right: Soundcheck at The National Gallery 2012 (Johnny Stage).

Berlingske (Danish equivalent to The Sunday Times): Martin Hall MS feature in November 2014 (Thomas Lekfeldt).

Berlingske – Thomas Lekfeldt (9.11.14)2014 Berlingske Hall Forside MS