Left: Before 1981 (Søren Svendsen). Right: Michael Strunge, Martin Hall and film director Lars von Trier 1985 (Robin Skjoldborg).

Left: SS-Say feat. Inge Shannon 1985 (Kurt Rodahl). Right: Front and Fantasy 1985 (Robin Skjoldborg).

Left: ‘Parade’ performance with Henrik Möll 1984 (Kurt Rodahl). Right: Ballet Mécanique 1982 (Ken Rivad).

Left: With Irma Victoria 1991 (Robin Skjoldborg). Right: Boel & Hall 2000 (Sejersen & Sato).

Left: With Casper Clausen (Efterklang), Marcel de Sade and Else Marie Pade (2007). Right: With Peter Aalbæk and Julie Steincke at Talent 2008 (DR).

Left: With Das Beckwerk 2009 (Michael Tonsberg). Right: With Tone 2009 (Platform 4).

Left: With Danish Minister of Cultural Affairs Per Stig Møller, Jørgen Bitsch and Gitte Jæger 2010. Right: With Enesto Tomasini, Miss Fish, Othon Mataragas and The Gentleman 2010 (Warehouse 9).

Left: With Danish ballerina legend Nini Theilade on Danish national TV 2011 (POL/DR). Right: With Peter Hook 2011 (GAFFA).

Left: Promo photo in relation to Othon Mataragas’ London concert with Marc Almond and Martin Hall (2014). Right: Hall welcomes Queen Margrethe II of Denmark to the exhibition ‘H’ at the Cisterns (2015).

Othon Almond HallHall saluting the Queen of Denmark at The Cisterns (2015)