Format: 3-LP
Released: November 1980
Label: Irmgardz
Catalogue: IRMG002

Artist: Misc.
Lyrics: Misc.
Music: Misc.
Producer: Misc.
Design: Irmgardz
Photo: Peder Bundgaard



Identity (Ballet Mécanique), Sods, No Knox, Support, Bollocks, Bubs, Prügelknaben, Gate Crashers, Mad Gustaf Band, D-Day, City Roots, You-X (City-X), Mc Värk (Art in Disorder), Black Badges, Radar, Insect, Cellskräck and Usch.

Recorded at Saltlageret November 9, 1979.


Concert of the Moment is a triple-lp featuring recordings form the legendary Danish punk festival at Saltlageret in November 1979. The album was released in November 1980 and features a line of early Danish (as well as three Swedish) punk and post-punk bands.

Martin Hall’s group Identity (the later Ballet Mécanique) made its debut appearance at this concert. The live album features the band’s first recorded song, the track “Circus of Decay”.

The concert was arranged by Eddie Haircut (Milan Balsgaard 1959–1992), editor of several Danish punk fanzines and drummer in The Brats.