Format: CD
Released: March 2001
Label: MNW
Catalogue: MNWCD 361

Artist: Martin Hall, Christian Skeel
Lyrics: Martin Hall
Music: Martin Hall, Christian Skeel
Producer: Christian Skeel
Design: Kenneth Schultz
Photo: Casper Sejersen


1. My Argentine Rose 1:52
2. Opium and Sugar 1:10
3. Stating the Obvious 1:17
4. Plaza Flesh 2:31
5. A Vulgar Display 1:42
6. She’s My Goodbye Europe 0:58
7. Unzipping the Abstract 1:11
8. The Moon’s a Balloon 1:24
9. The Mephisto Effect 1:36
10. An American Tragedy 1:04
11. Walking on Eggshells 1:59
12. Natives of the Gutter 1:10
13. Animal Emotion 2:04
14. The Circus Comes to Town 2:18
15. Young, Vain and Beautiful 1:52
16. Pieces of Venice 1:23
17. In Chambers 1:13
18. Subject to Injury 0:51
19. Pink and Fuzzy 1:03
20. Eichstadt 2:23
21. A Lonely Impulse of Delight 0:44
22. Pristine 1:27
23. Greed 2:10
24. A Résume Highlight 0:35
25. Tomorrow Belongs to Me 1:14

My Argentine Rose

She’s a cool breeze of discontent
She’s like a story that never ends
She’s my Argentine rose
She’s such a delicate rose

See the twenties within her eyes
Eternal stardust that never dies
She’s my Argentine rose
She’s such a delicate rose

She’s my melancholic maybe
Come and save me
Come and set me free

Opium and Sugar

Don’t flatter yourself
You died a long time ago
Opium and sugar helped me along

Now my heart is closed
To your bourgeois repertoire

I know your face
But no
I can’t relate
To the things that you say

Stating the Obvious

I don’t know what to do
Fallen in love with you

Would you mind if I stated the obvious?
Would you mind if I did it again?
Would you mind if the sky fell apart?
Left us caught in the thunder and rain

I don’t know what to do
So in love with you

Plaza Flesh

Show me your true desires
Show me your plaza flesh
Pictures of people dying
Seem to have no effect no more

I don’t really give as much as a toss anymore
I just want to hide away, never beg anymore
I don’t really count the days or the hours anymore
‘Cause she’s gone, gone, gone, gone, gone
‘Cause she’s gone, gone, gone

Come now, inject the daylight
Come here, each little girl
At first, I just want to kiss you
But then I want it all
I want excess
Your plaza flesh

A Vulgar Display

I don’t know where to start
Never ever seen such a vulgar display
Losing mind, losing heart
Never ever want to fall in love again

No new sights to be seen
Sailing on the ocean of arrogant dreams
Chasing nightmares away
Trading any reason for lost yesterdays

Don’t spread your stars
Around this perfect moon
Don’t spread these stars
Around this perfect moon

She’s My Goodbye Europe

She’s my goodbye Europe
She’s my goodbye to the world
She’s my goodbye Berlin
She’s a goodbye to a thousand girls

Unzipping the Abstract

I believe in sincerity
I believe in it all
I believe in the good life
I believe in encores

I believe in forevermore
More and more

I’m unzipping the A-B-S-T-R-A-C-T
The libido-re-mi-fa-sol

The Moon’s a Balloon

The moon’s a balloon
That hangs in the room
The moon’s a balloon
All broken and blue

Where will it be tomorrow?
Where will it be by then?
Where will it be tomorrow?
Where will it end?
Where will it all end?

The Mephisto Effect

Now that you’re losing yourself
Now that you’re so far away
I want you to leave me
To never believe me

Now that your porcelain skin
Is cracking apart from within
I want you to love me
Forever think of me

Licking your sugartrace skin
Stirring up one final scene
To ensure and correct
The Mephisto effect

An American Tragedy

Your mouth’s so open your brain spills out
You’re everything I can do without
But I love you
For a moment
Of despair

When Johnny comes marching home tonight
He’ll find his beloved in tears of delight
She’s wearing that beautiful smile again
Cause I loved her
And I left her
To him

Walking on Eggshells

Walking on eggshells
Finding my way to you
Midnight in Dresden
It’s such a depressing view

From Café du Monde the music still flows
All the way back to Rwanda dust roads

But where are you now?
Where are you?

I can’t seem to find myself
I can’t seem to find nobody else

Natives of the Gutter

Never thought that I’d lose you again
To the thunder of the open day

Never two of a kind, me and you
Natives of every gutter we choose

Animal Emotion

I want to reach out and grab any pink cloud
I want to shoot them all down
I want to put you inside of that pink cloud
I want to push you around

Gonna show you animal emotion
Gonna show you automatic motion
Gonna raise a little locomotion now

I want to show you invisible cities
I want to waste images
I want to ride into sunsets on horseback
I want the world in a kiss

The Circus Comes to Town

The circus comes to town
Ballerinas and clowns
Nothing new but the pain they provide for us all

I don’t give second thoughts
To the waves of applause
Pop a valium and chill
Art for art’s sake and the thrill
When they all end up crying and sad

I feel so glad
I feel so gay and marvellous
I feel refreshed for all of us
I feel like I am someone else
Someone better than myself
But then I’m not

What about me?
What about you?
What about us?
What are we going to do?

Young, Vain and Beautiful

Young, vain and beautiful
For you I’d change it all
Your oral services

See you
But where my heart is

All blue
For you
For me too

Pieces of Venice

Get a sailor and a priest
Tame the world beneath my feet

Pieces of Venice
Pieces of Venice
All cool and mellow
I told you I’d love you
I’d love you
I’d love you

Is it Paris in the spring?
Hidden underneath your skin
Is it just another dream?
Hidden nowhere even near you?

Be a soldier for a day
Keep the enemy away

So alcoholic
So diabolic
So metastatic

In Chambers

We’re in chambers
Just like you wanted
We’re alone now
Until the end
Can I ask you that single question?
Can I ask you not to pretend?

Subject to Injury

She’s so subject to injury
She’s so frail

Poor impulse control
They just don’t care how old she is

Pink and Fuzzy

Pink and fuzzy
Carved out of make-believe
Dreaming of good times
Working in coal mines
Breaking my heart

Pink and fuzzy
Not that you need to be
I’ll pay you off

A Lonely Impulse of Delight

A lonely impulse of delight
Raising Cain down the borderline
I don’t know, I don’t know
Words of the virus and words of the host
I get so tired without even trying


I can’t forget
The words you said
Your voice, so loud
Your talk, so foul

Maybe the sea will hush my heart
Maybe the sea will wash away the stars
Within your eyes

The mother of bad things
Conveyor of nothing
I never believed you


The day will come
My will be done


Famous last words
A playlist encore
Lips red as blood
Give me some more

Bad gene behaviour
Seems like my saviour
Hunting and shooting
Your tinseltown beauty

Love me for me
Love me for my greed

With pockets full of stars
Forgetting who you are
Your imitated gods
Were never quite enough

And these mighty dresses
A photographic session
With jazz age believers
The skyscraping feelings
Where have they gone?

Tomorrow Belongs to Me

Thunder on the sky
I wish it’d last forever
Caught within the night
You don’t know what it means to me

Set ablaze any sails
Aragon, Mandalay
Now I know that tomorrow is mine
Yesterday’s far away
Nothing left of today
But I know that tomorrow belongs to me


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Album cover (2001)


Christian Skeel: piano
Martin Hall: vocals
The Vista Dome Ensemble: orchestra

Recorded at Mainstream and Sensual Logic in the period 1998–2001. Mixed by Thomas Li at Generator in January 2001.


Metropolitan Suite is a classically orchestrated work produced by the visual artist Christian Skeel. In collaboration with Martin Hall the latter co-wrote and orchestrated 25 musical vignettes, tailor-made to portray the singer as a true fin de siècle artist. Electrical instruments were banned on the recordings, a method of working that secured the album its fine air of Viennese exclusivity. With titles such as “Walking on Eggshells”, “Unzipping the Abstract” and “Plaza Flesh” the audience was given a fair warning – this was not a work of intending radio hits, rather a joyous voyage of exploration into the literary realms of vaudeville, chamber music and cabaret-styled intellectualism.

The project took three years to record and was – quoting Hall from an interview made at the the time of the release – “the perfect follow-up album to the Boel/Hall success”, his gold selling collaboration with Danish platinum act Hanne Boel released one year earlier. In layman’s terms: Metropolitan Suite was an artistic highpoint, but a commercial disaster.

The album featured the single “My Argentine Rose” (catalogue number MNWCDS 300), a release that included an instrumental bonus track called ”Pantomime Bloodline”.

Written about the release:

“A sublime work … a high-flown European cycle of songs.”
Politiken (the Danish equivalent to The Guardian)

“Martin Hall’s voice is more many-facetted and well-balanced than ever … a stirring and beautifully delivered project.”
Information (the Danish equivalent to The Independent)

“In the history books Metropolitan Suite will easily override a whole section of Danish Music Awards.”
Geiger (the Danish equivalent to Wire Magazine)

“Exciting and visionary.”
( * * * * * )
Jyllands-Posten (Denmark’s biggest daily newspaper)