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On November 10 at 7.30 PM writer and journalist Martin Kongstad meets Martin Hall in Pressen, Politiken Hus, Vester Voldgade 33, Copenhagen. The evening will be Hall’s only appearance for the rest of 2016.

Martin Hall had recently finished written an autobiographical book about his early years, a book that begins in 1972, when he as a boy lived in Spain during General Franco’s reign and ends with his mother’s suicide in 1984. The book was set to be released in September 2016, but a week before deadline Hall chose not to sign the contract anyway. Why?

Among other subjects this evening’s talk will revolve around privacy in relation to the public life of an artist. Hall has in recent years abandoned an at times extremely visible and outgoing career to focus on a far more reflective process these days. Recently he wrote the music for Ingvar Cronhammar’s highly acclaimed “H” installation in The Cisterns, one of last year’s most visited art events in Denmark, but has only appeared in public on a few occasions since then.

Photo: Shixin Liang.

More information about the night is available here:


The Danish book Changes is a literary statement about David Bowie’s legacy written and edited by the Danish journalists Klaus Lynggard and Henrik Queitsch. The title will be released on November 1, 2016.

Originally the book was planned to mark the singer’s 70 year birthday in January 2017, but when Bowie died in the beginning of 2016 the editors wanted the writing to become a collective memory written by a line of Danish artists and journalists.

Apart from the two main authors the book includes reflections and essays written by contributors such as Martin Hall, Asger Schnack, Kristian Leth, Benn Q. Holm, Ralf Christensen, Jakob Levinsen, Lars Movin, Jens Unmack, Jan Laursen, Bo Green Jensen, Signe Høirup Wille-Jørgensen, Søren E. Jensen, Lars Bukdahl, Nicolaj Stochholm, Katrine Nyland Sørensen, Anna Ullmann, Anne Sperling, Pernille Jensen and Kira Skov. The cover is made by the Danish painter Lars Ravn.

The book is released by Turbine. You can find further information about the release here.

Martin Hall/Henrik Queitsch radio interview about the book:


On Saturday, October 15th, at 20.00 CET Poetic Theatre’s new performance Romantiker (“Romantic”) premieres at The House of Poetry at Den Frie in Copenhagen. The play is based on the words of Morti Vizki, Michael Strunge and Lene Henningsen and uses the music of Martin Hall.

Romantiker also plays the 18th, 19th and 20th October. You can find more information here.

Installation: Marianne Grønnow. Actors: Mia Lerdam, Ulver Skuli Abildgaard, Mette Frank Director: Mia Lipschitz. Producer: CPS/Cultural Projects Service and Poetic Theatre.


For the sake of general clarity:

Since Hall’s name figures in a line of notifications for upcoming performances in Copenhagen, where his music is used, we want to emphasize that Hall himself will not be appearing live at any of these events. Neither will he do so during the autumn, where his music likewise will be featured in various connections.


On Friday, June 24th at 20.00 CET Martin Hall performs in St. Thomas Church on Frederiksberg at a spoken word séance. The event is held in connection with The Night Church.

On this occasion Hall will be accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Johnny Stage. It’s not allowed to take photographs or videotape during the evening.

Further information available here: Sankt Thomas Kirke.

Foto: Shixin Liang.