As one of the special guests invited on stage in relation to the English musician Othon Mataragas’ first major concert for more than one and half year, Martin Hall will be appearing live at ‪The Garage, London, Thursday the 19th of June (19.30). The names of several other prominent guests will be revealed on Othon’s website and facebook notice in the weeks preceding the concert.

Martin Hall recently worked with Othon on the singer’s critically acclaimed solo album Phasewide, Exit Signs, where they wrote and performed the opening song “Emblematic” together. Guitarist and mandolinist Johnny Stage also appears at the London live show.

For further news and updates on the night, please check Othon’s facebook notice on the event.

Tickets are available via agencies such as TicketWeb.

Pineal Show 2014

In his introduction to the night, Othon writes:

“After more than a year and a half from Othon’s & Tomasini’s sellout concert at St. Leonard’s Shoreditch Church, I am thrilled beyond words to be back on stage together with a fantastic band of musicians, amazing special guests – some most of you know and love and some who I am quite sure you will fall in love with – great visuals and an altogether different setup to any of the shows I have done so far. This is going to be a raw, dreamy, ceremonial and, at times, sweaty event celebrating the arrival of PINEAL. I shall be unveiling more news about the show gradually.”


Martin Hall’s latest album Phasewide, Exit Signs has been met with a line of excellent reviews in both Danish and European medias. The album is the singer’s first solo record for seven years and offers several interesting new collaborations. For a more detailed album description, see the end of this post.

A short summary of the Danish reviews features the following highlights:

”The ever changeable Hall in disturbingly good shape.”
( * * * * * )
Gaffa (Denmark’s biggest music magazine)

”To listen to Phasewide, Exit Signs is quite simply an aesthetic experience.”
( * * * * * )
Undertoner (Danish site for independent music)

“Breathtakingly beautiful.”
( * * * * * )
Lydtapet (Danish site for independent music)

”An altogether stunning experience.”
( * * * * * )
Aarhus Stiftstidende (Danish daily newspaper)

”This album is a delight to listen to.”
( * * * * * )
BT (Denmark’s equivalent to The Daily Mirror)

”Haunting beauty and a delicate, melancholic desperation.”
( * * * * )
Jyllands-Posten (Denmark’s biggest newspaper)

“Beautiful and unique.”
Politiken (The Danish equivalent to The Guardian)

“Extremely present.”
Information (Denmark’s equivalent to The Independent)


When Phasewide, Exit Signs was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in October, the European reviews were equally enthusiastic. The album release was followed up by a number of articles about Hall in some of Germany’s biggest magazines such as Orkus Magazine, who also put the video ”Muted Cries” in rotation on their channel.

During the years several of Martin Hall’s records have been released on the German market. In the 80’s both Relief and Cutting Through received a lot of attention in the country, and in 1997 Random Hold was released by the German label Public Propaganda with subsequent extremely positive reviews. In 2006 Facsimile likewise received several excellent reviews.

A short overview of some of the international reviews of Phasewide, Exit Signs goes like this:

“One of the most important records of 2013. Outstanding.”
( 5 / 5 )
Nowamuzyka (Polish site for independent music)

”To bow before such an artist is a duty, to enjoy his art a pleasure not to be denied.”
( 8 / 10 )
Darkroom Magazine (Italian music magazine)

“Intoxicating … be sure to check it out.”
Orkus Magazine (major German music magazine)

”Dark and hypnotic: Hall understands the award of forging strong tension.”
( 12 / 15 )
Musik Reviews (German site for independent music)

“A very positive surprise … impressive.”
( 11 / 15 )
Baby Blaue (German site for independent music)

“A quiet, thoughtful and spherical album.”
( 7 / 10 )
Der Hörspiegel (German site for alternative music)

Phasewide, Exit Signs allows deep insights into what a brilliant artist Hall is.”
Alternativ Musik (German site for independent music)

“A rousing album.”
Music Scan (German music site)

“A poignant, but obscure experimental album that comes in a kind of cabaret format making it more accessible.”
( 6 / 7 )
Side-Line Music Magazine (Belgian music site)


Phasewide, Exit Signs can be described as a kind of musical log book. The album has been recorded in cities such as Montreal, London and Brussels and Martin Hall works with several new collaborators on this occasion, one of these being the Greek-English pianist Othon Mataragas (probably best known from his works with names such as Marc Almond, Current 93 and Peter Christopherson from Coil and Throbbing Gristle). Other tracks feature artists such as Linus Carlsen and The Funeral Tag Brass Band. Well-known Hall collaborators such as Christian Skeel, Johnny Stage and The Vista Dome Ensemble also appear on the recordings.

In November 2013 Martin Hall was nominated for two GAFFA awards (the biggest Danish music magazine) in the categories “Danish album of the year” and “best Danish male artist”. In December the Polish site Nowamuzyka elected Phasewide, Exit Signs to be “album of the year” (top 10 features artists such as Flaming Lips and Mazzy Star).




Martin Hall’s latest solo record Phasewide, Exit Signs has been elected “album of the year” by the Polish site Nowamuzyka. The top 10 of the magazine features artists such as Flaming Lips and Mazzy Star. You can see the full list here:

Phasewide, Exit Signs was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in October 2013. The album has received excellent Scandinavian and European reviews so far – you can get a quick overview here:

In November Martin Hall was nominated for two GAFFA awards (Denmark’s biggest music magazine) – in the categories “Danish album of the year” and “best Danish male artist” – but here he didn’t win the people’s favour.

Hall 2013-2014


On Saturday the 30th of November Martin Hall performed his last 2013 concert, a one-off event accompanied by full band at Aarhus Musikhus. The set-list included songs from both released the critically acclaimed album Phasewide, Exit Signs and If Power Asks Why.

The concert in Aarhus was the singer’s first appearance with full band in the city since his televised St. Paul’s concert in October 2009 from which you can see the following footage:



From Monday the 1st of July you’ll be able to buy a new original piece of Martin Hall artwork made available by Det Bruunske Pakhus. The graphic work Memo is reproduced in 100 numbered and signed copies and combines Hall’s poetry, painting and drawing. The print is published in the format 61 x 45 cm and all profits from the sale go to Det Bruunske Legat, a grant given to a young musical talent.

The work can be purchased directly from Det Bruunske Pakhus at the price of 1.200 DKR (approximately 160 EURO). If you wish to buy a copy of the signed and numbered work, please send a mail to Det Bruunske Pakhus at or call Connie Shapira during office hours at +45 7210 6710.

The photographic main motive is based on a Christian Skeel work.


During the last couple of years a fair amount of re-releases of old, otherwise hard-to-get titles from the Martin Hall catalogue have been issued as cd or download. Most of the cd-versions contain either bonus material or new extensive liner notes. Read more about the re-releases here:

Relief/Cutting Through (remastered cd-edition).
Apparently All The Same (remastered special edition).
Random Hold (remastered special edition).
Before (legendary support gig for New Order).
SS-Say/Pesteg Dred (remastered cd-edition).
Catalogue (box set with 5 audio cd’s and one dvd 1980-2007).
Catalyst (singles 1982-2008).

Recently Presence and Imperfect were released as remastered versions on iTunes as well.