The Martin Hall album If Power Asks Why featuring mezzo-soprano Andrea Pellegrini and classical pianist Tanja Zapolski has received a line of great reviews. We bring you a few quotes:

Gaffa (5 out of 6 stars): ”Excellent melodic material and brilliant arrangements … a great success from start to finish.” ( * * * * * )
Information: ”Martin Hall brilliantly stages mezzo-soprano Andrea Pellegrini and pianist Tanja Zapolski in a masquerade of classical lieder and perverted pop.”
DR2’s Smagsdommerne (the weekly cultural recommendations on Danish National Television): ”Fantastic! An incredibly good record.”

P6 Beat (Danish National Radio): “A masterly performed principal work!”
Berlingske Media: ”A deliciously decadent universe.”
Fyens Stiftstidende: ”Outrageous? Eccentric? Yes …”
Politiken: ”Pellegrini’s warm and enchanting voice has the capacity to melt icebergs.”
Tempelores: ”Give yourself the opportunity to be amazed and get this release.”

Furthermore the album has been nominated for the Danish National Radio’s P2 Award 2013.


Martin Hall’s new book Nostatic! has received a line of excellent reviews in the Danish medias. Jyllands-Posten, Denmark’s biggest daily newspaper, awards Hall’s new book with 5 out of 6 stars. Likewise does Fyens Stifstidende. Politiken, the Danish equivalent to The Guardian, gives the release 4 out of 6 stars.

Among many other things Jyllands-Posten writes the following: “Martin Hall keeps a fine balance between his vast knowledge and his burning commitment. In short, he writes with style.” ( * * * * * )

Fyens Stifstidende proceeds this kind of appreciation with statements such as: “Outstanding essays: Even at the level of details the book is eminent.” ( * * * * * )

Finally Politiken writes: “Martin Hall writes well and appetizing. Nostatic! is unsentimental all the way through. The book is interesting and the handling of the individual subjects is distinctly catching.” ( * * * * )