In relation to Martin Hall’s recent concerts and record releases a line of fairly compressive radio features have been made with the singer. The programmes cover everything from the early 70’s tacky pop music, the radical experiments of the post-punk scene at the end of the same decade and Hall’s relation to the metal scene in the 80’s (such as his studio experience with King Diamond). Last but not least, there’s also a documentary made by Hall about 1968.

If you have any understanding of the Danish language whatsoever, the list goes like this:


Irma Victoria was born September 2, 1923, and died November 10, 2000. She recorded and released a series of songs and records with Martin Hall, the career highlight being an official Grammy nomination in the category “female singer of the year” in 1991 – a decision that is rumoured to have forced the branch organisation IFPI to subsequently change the rules for the special juries’ influence on the prestigious nominations. The other two nominees that year were multi-platinum act Hanne Boel and legendary The Savage Rose singer Annisette.

To commemorate Irma Victoria we bring you one of her lighter songs, “September Song”, taken from the 1994 album Phantasmagoria. The track also appears on the compilation record Memorial – Finest Moments and Famous Last Words released posthumously in 2001 and on the Spotify album September Songs.




After a series of October dates Hall will be playing his last concert this year on November 24 at Hvalsø Kirke, a church on Zealand. The night will feature full band, but due to the size of the church the event will be downscaled a bit as far as the light and sound equipment is concerned.

It is no longer possible to buy tickets – the concert is sold out.

The musicians accompanying Hall at the concert are Christine Raft (piano, violin), Johnny Stage (guitar, sitar), Una Skott (guitar, keyboards), Andreas Bennetzen (bass) and Sisse Selina Larsen (drums).

The Danish music magazine GAFFA awarded Hall’s Copenhagen concert at Bremen Teater 6 out of 6 stars. You can find the review here.

Live photos from the recent Klub Golem concert in Odense is taken by David Faurskov Jensen.




GAFFA – Denmark’s biggest music magazine – has just brought a review of Martin Hall’s concert at Bremen Teater, the singer’s first Copenhagen concert for more than five years, awarding the event a staggering 6 out of 6 stars rating.

In Simon Heggum’s feature The over-medicated son returned home the journalist opens with the words: ”Talking about the fact that a country may be too small for an artist may sound like a bit of an exaggeration. But in the case of Martin Hall, it’s true as can be.”

Summoning up the concert he concludes: ”A breathtaking concert experience – one of the strongest Danish concerts I’ve been to in recent years.”

You can read the full review here: Hall – live at Bremen 20.10.2018.


After a fantastic opening of his 2018 tour at Fuglsø, Hall will be performing his first Copenhagen concert for more than five years on October 20 at Bremen Teater.

There’ll be several big surprises on the set list of the night, so in short, ”chop-chop” – if you’re considering buying a ticket, then the sales are on … consider yourself invited.

Later this month another live performance will take place in Odense (at special Klub Golem arrangement) and finally at a church concert in the beautiful Hvalsø Kirke (Zealand).


The musicians accompanying Hall at the concerts are Christine Raft (piano, violin), Johnny Stage (guitar, sitar), Una Skott (guitar, keyboards), Andreas Bennetzen (bass), Sisse Selina Larsen (drums) as well as a special guest.

The live photo from the Fuglsø concert is taken by Bjarne Christensen.


On September 21 Martin Hall releases his first new song in 5 years, the track Services Rendered. The title is available as a 12” single featuring another new song on the B-side, “Not Amused”. The record is released in a limited vinyl edition, but also available on all major digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc.).

“Services Rendered” is recorded with pianist Eskild Winding and features a string arrangement written by Andreas Bennetzen. The quintet performing on the recording consists of Tinne Albrectsen (violin), Gustav Ranum (violin), Nicolaj Møller Nielsen (viola), Live Johansson (cello) and Andreas Bennetzen (string bass).



The video for the song has been filmed by Danish photographer Robin Skjoldborg and Staal Film. Long-time collaborator Johnny Stage conducted the recording process and the track is mixed by Thomas Li, co-producer of Random Hold. The B-side ”Not Amused” has been made in collaboration with Linus Carlsen.

The 12” vinyl single is released by Panoptikon and distributed by Target and contains additional digital download codes for both tracks.



13,25 EURO

You can also read the new GAFFA interview with Hall in relation to the video premiere of “Services Rendered” – a feature where he explains about the background for the song and the upcoming concerts: