Format: DB-LP box set
Released: October 2017
Label: Nordsø

Artist: Martin Hall
Music and lyrics: Martin Hall
Producer: Martin Hall
Design: Christina Carlsen
Photos: Maiken Kildegaard


Side 1: Elia 23:14
Side 2: Racing Cars 24:35
Side 3: H 24:00
Side 4: Design 19:47


En linje deler huden
Natten svøbt i tysthed
Blikket føles tungt som bly

En hvisken og en tøven
Gemt et sted i mørket
Som et hjertes fjerne slag

En sagte stemmes glød
Det stille morgenrøde
Et lys der falder blegt
Som skyggers sølv



Politiken (the Danish equivalent to The Guardian): “Overwhelming … the perfect combination of something industrial and something sacred.” (rating: 6 out of 6)

Berlingske (the Danish equivalent to The Times): “A unique installation in Frederiksberg’s underworld.” (rating: 6 out of 6)

Fyens Stiftstidende (major sectional newspaper): “Extraterrestrial magic!” (rating: 6 out of 6)

Information (the Danish equivalent to The Independent): “An underground cathedral of light and water … an extremely successful installation.” (no rating system)

Weekendavisen (the Danish equivalent to The Observer): ”Eminent.”

Kunsten Nu (major art site): “Water music: Sensual perception beyond the ordinary … the new work re-enchants The Cisterns.”

All reviews March 2015 in relation to the “H” exhibition.


Photo montage made on the 9th of October 2017, the final day of the production, when the bok set was assembled, signatured and packaged at Grafisk Bind, Risskov (Aarhus):


Nordsø Records (phono shop): Nordsø Records.


Martin Hall (piano, keyboards, electronics, tape material and balalaika)
The Vista Dome Ensemble (orchestra)
Lydenskab (ensemble)
Konsort (choir)
Michael Morelli (countertenor on ”Racing Cars”)
Daniel Ostersen (boy’s voice on ”H”)
Maiken Kildegaard (girl’s voice on ”H”)
Christian Skeel (keyboards on (”Design”)

Recorded at Regent House, The Music Room, Herning Church, The Cisterns and at a set of random locations using mobile equipment. Mixed by Martin Hall. Mastering made by Johnny Stage.


On the 10th of October 2017 the book and double-LP box set Hall Cronhammar Index was made available to customers in a limited edition of 491 numbered and signed copies by Nordsø Records. The release contains two vinyl records with a total playing time of more than one and a half hour of music as well as a 48-page book in LP format featuring extensive photo material and an essay documenting the artists’ longstanding cooperation.

The records and book comes in a hardback canvas frame placed in a separate box that also contains a set of Ingvar Cronhammar’s newly designed “Hansha” metal cutlery with the artists’ names engraved (the cutlery was not available on the retail market and could only be purchased as part of the box set). This edition is numbered #001 to #300 and carried the suggested retail price of 200 Euro.

A standard edition “only” including the two vinyl records and the book in the hardback canvas frame was also made available. This version of the release is numbered #301 to #491 and the suggested retail price for this edition was 80 Euro.

The two vinyl records contain newly edited versions of the four major pieces of music Hall has recorded for Cronhammar in the period 2001-2017.

The first time the two artists collaborated was in connection with the inauguration of the Elia steel dome outside Herning in 2001. Next time it happened was in conjunction with the ARoS exhibition Racing Cars in 2006. In 2015 their cooperation reached its preliminary culmination with the subterranean reservoir installation H at the Cisterns in Copenhagen, an event that was visited by almost 100.000 people and won great appraisal from both the audience and art critics all over the world (such as The New York Times).

It was in relation to the retrospective exhibition Ingvar Cronhammar Design at HEART (Herning Museum of Contemporary Art) in 2017 that Martin Hall wrote and recorded the fourth piece of music for the box set. Formally the release was pre-launched on the opening day of the exhibition (September 8) in a limited amount of copies made available to the guests, but the remaining copies weren’t produced, signed or delivered to shops and customers before mid-October.

The album was made available in digital form on the 31st of October.